Unlock, mở mạng, giải mã LG Optimus One P500 (Vũng Tàu)

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Selected model: P500
Reading info…OK
Mode: Normal
Model ID: P500
Firmware compiled date: Sep 02 2010
Firmware compiled time: 14:00:00
Firmware released date: Oct 9 2010
Firmware released time: 12:31:32
SW Version: P500-M76XX-V10b-OCT-09-2010-XX
IMEI: 354043-04-4xxxxx-x
Bluetooth address: 5C:17:D3:AE:E1:4B
Switching to Download mode…OK
computer during this operation!
Sending loader…OK
Reading security area…OK
Backup saved to “P500_354043044xxxxxx_09-03-2015_11-20-36.SEC”
Writing security area…OK
Phone successfully unlocked!
Rebooting phone…

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